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The SEO consultancy that drives increased organic visibility from which valuable traffic, leads, sales & revenue can flourish for your online business.

Each day, I work diligently with clients of all shapes and sizes, across a range of highly competitive industries and geographies. A common trait among each business I work with is their ambition to grow their online visibility through better rankings, higher authority and more traffic which, in turn, translates into the holy grail of any online enterprise – sustained revenue growth.

Whether you’re taking the tentative first steps into the complex world of organic search, or you’ve got an existing SEO infrastructure that you’d like someone experienced to step into and improve upon, I’m here to make that happen and work with you on overcoming your own unique business challenges.

My tried-and-tested process perfected over a career working both client-side and in a hugely successful agency can help yield measurable website improvements quickly and keep the finger on the pulse to deliver sustained, ongoing results and organic ROI for your business.

rightfitz SEO Consultant Dublin drive increased organic visibility
rightfitz SEO Consultant Dublin results driven ethos

Results-Driven Ethos

At RightFitz, a commitment to the metrics that matter most to your online performance lies at the heart of our working relationship.

The core focus of any new project is to understand the behaviours and trends among your target customer base and the role that organic search plays in their conversion journey from online discovery towards becoming your customer and ideally, a loyal brand advocate for many years to come.

By working together with your business to understand these dynamics from the outset, we can devise a strategy based around three well-defined pillars of sustainable SEO, which are:

  1. Technical Excellence – the indexability and crawlability of your front-end and back-end systems and frameworks.
  2. Content Relevance – the words and topics used though your site and how they leverage both user intent and keyword positioning.
  3. Competitive Authority – the ‘clout’ of your brand within your wider industry ecosystem, measured largely in off-page SEO signals.

Grounded on these core tenets, your SEO strategy can flourish in the mid- to long-term; though patience is key and faith in the process is fundamental!

Innovative Approach Borne of Experience

As a multi-award-winning senior SEO strategist and leader, I’ve been heavily involved in migrating, replatforming and growing hundreds of hugely successful, high-traffic websites; continuously learning from the unique experience of working on each and every one.

Through hard graft and thousands of man hours, I’ve iterated to perfect a proven methodology that can turn your eCommerce or Lead Gen website into an organic conversion machine.

Whether you’re feeling challenged by a particular CMS issue, response code error, Search Console notification or struggling for inspiration on content ideation or finding an outreach hook, chances are I’ve lived through that very frustration and can lend a helping hand.

rightfitz SEO Consultant Dublin innovative approach
rightfitz SEO Consultant Dublin industry leading technology

Industry-Leading Technology and Toolsets

As a reliable SEO Consultancy, RightFitz uses only the most effective SEO tool suites available on the market from crawling, automation and testing through to reporting.

Offering a customisable search marketing tool stack that helps maximise your visibility and drive not just traffic, but conversions too, this isn’t your average SEO consultancy!

Specialist Areas of Expertise

rightfitz SEO Consultant Dublin technical seo

Technical SEO

Putting on the ‘Google Goggles’ and conducting in-depth SEO Audits enables us to ensure your site is primed for Indexability and Search Engine Accessibility. Most new client relationships commence with a robust technical audit on our quest for the technical excellence of your domain(s).

rightfitz SEO Consultant Dublin conent marketing

Content Marketing

The old adage ‘Content is King’ rings true now more than ever and RightFitz is ideally positioned to help craft your story through Hygiene, Hub and Hero content formats and to support your brand journey with relevant, meaningful messaging built upon well-researched datasets, valuable topic clusters and originality.

rightfitz SEO Consultant Dublin local seo

Local SEO

Hyper-localisation plays a critical role in mobile-first SEO so whether you’ve got a single business location or hundreds across the country, continent or planet, we’ve got a scalable local SEO strategy tailor-made to suit your local specific SEO requirements through both Google My Business (GMB) and Bing Places in addition to a range of supplementary approaches to getting found for ‘near me’ and related search queries.

rightfitz SEO Consultant Dublin international seo

International SEO

Helping national businesses scale internationally and international businesses expand even further is something we’ve honed our skills in with a strong track record of successful internationalisation via scalable hreflang tag implementation, localisation, translation and transcreation projects with access to a network of experienced digital marketers supplying native support in 30+ languages.. and counting.

rightfitz SEO Consultant Dublin off page seo

Off-Page SEO

A key factor in determining competitive authority, backlinks still matter as part of a well-balanced SEO formula and we offer outreach, Digital PR and Interactive Content to delight and help take some of the heavy lifting out of building up that all-important authority pillar for your brand.

rightfitz SEO Consultant Dublin Amazon seo

Amazon SEO

With two-thirds of consumers commencing their product search on Amazon, eCommerce businesses need to optimise their assets to achieve high organic rankings and stay competitive with keyword optimisation, strong on-page copy and ranking boosting tactics to drive sales. The process of optimising product listings yields better rankings and more visibility means a higher sales velocity under Amazon’s unique ‘A9’ algorithm.

rightfitz SEO Consultant Dublin google analytics

Google Analytics and Tag Manager Implementation

Far too many Google Analytics implementations encountered aren’t telling the full story about your customer behaviour or channel performance, so correct configuration is a first port of call when dealing with RightFitz.

Getting the correct standard of data measurement in place can prove a powerful springboard for accountability, attribution and growth based on better-informed, data-based business decisions and we can help your Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager (GTM), Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools as well and Yandex, Baidu and Naver equivalents where necessary for truly global business expansion.

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