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Starting out life as an SEO doing the hardest thing to master in the most competitive industry on the internet gave Luke all the skills required to succeed as a leading SEO practitioner.

Thankfully, the trials and tribulations of mastering the art of link building in-house for a global market leader in the gambling sector has thrown up all sorts of fascinating opportunities and blessings in this life-long learner’s career.

Having spent the past five years growing and leading one of Europe’s – and the World’s – most successful agency SEO teams, the following results stand out from the past 12 months’ progress:

  • 19% more organic leads driven year-on-year
  • €27m more organic revenue made by eCommerce clients

The final piece in the triumvirate of ‘things to try in SEO’ now sees Luke test the waters of a new and exciting freelance consulting career, commencing April 2020.

With so much to learn as a freelancer, the air of excitement coupled with no small measure of terror is yielding fruitful early dividends with some fantastic clients, charities and social enterprises already onboard to tap into this eclectic mix of big brand/agency expertise at a fraction of the outlay.. so, if that’s your bag, you know where to find me! (here, it’s here, on this website..)

Not exactly one for overt self-promotion, you can see some career accomplishments and portfolio items at the following resources:

With strong working knowledge of multiple digital marketing disciplines across social media, paid search, PR and general marketing strategy, Luke’s main areas of expertise lie within content marketing, digital analytics and primarily, SEO.

Being a typical T-Shaped Marketer (meaning a generalist with one key area of speciality) enables shared learning, innovation and integration across multiple channels. The mission is to create winning strategies based on really nailing a fundamental component, in this case SEO.

rightfitz SEO Consultant Dublin t shaped marketer luke fitzgerald

With organic search accounting for the lion’s share of traffic to most competitive websites, coming via owned assets (websites) and earned media (digital PR, links and citations) rather than third-party platforms (social media sites) and paid media (auctions), it’s often the most valuable, viable acquisition channel of all, hence the core focus of the RightFitz offering.

If you’d like more information on the RightFitz ways of working, I’d love to hear from you as I aim to keep on pleasing happy clients with good, solid graft, steady results and hopefully, a bit of fun along the way!


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